About us

In Plastisol-Transfer.com we forge our experience into customer satisfaction. It is the joy of our clients from well-executed orders that move us to action. We are also enthusiastic about the possibility of carrying out new and renewed orders for our clients. These include orders for brands such as: Pepsi, Leys, Elf, Ikea, Amazon, Burger King, Lidl and many others. We want you to join the ranks of our satisfied customers.

Plastisol-transfer has over 20 years of experience in screen printing and over 10 years in the production of heat transfer prints. Over the years, not only have we perfected our products, but most of all we have learned to respond to the needs of our customers. Hence, among others: guaranteed 24-hour delivery time for ONE transfers, the possibility to order pre-production sample before placing volume order products that meet the highest quality expectations.

They trusted us