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      Transfer FULL

      cotton | polyester | polyester cotton blends | polyamide | nylon | non woven

      Low price

      from € 0.84 per sheet

      Offsetowa jakość wydruku

      z przejściami tonalnymi

      Wysyłka możliwa

      w 24 godziny

      Production minimum

      from 10 sheets

      The largest print area

      470mm x 296mm

      Application from 150°C

      suitable for sensitive substrates

      15 seconds


      medium pressure

      cold peel

      Transfer FULL is created by combining two printing techniques; digital printing - where all colours are printed using a production digital printer, while the thermo transfer characteristics are imparted using screen printing.

      This solution makes it possible to obtain tonal transitions, gradients and shading. This technology gives the possibility to combine several different colour orders on one sheet, regardless of the number of colours in the logo. Printing is carried out using the CMYK palette. It is possible to simulate Pantone colours. It is not possible to print neon or metallic colours. In the case of some logos, it is necessary to apply an overlay of approximately 0.4 mm in the colour of the substrate. Transfer FULL does not have a printed layer of migration blocker, in consequence, prints on polyester substrates, in particular dye sublimation, may show a tendency to dye resublimation (colour change). High quality paper or transfer film is used as a carrier . Minimum production is 10 sheets.


      Perforation option

      U nas masz możliwość perforacji każdego arkusza na pojedyncze logotypy. Wybierając w Formularzu zamówienia opcję perforacji w polu "Nośnik" sprawdzisz jak tanio możesz ułatwić swoją pracę.

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      How to prepare

      Download a PDF with instructions on how to properly prepare a mock-up sheet for printing.

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